Customize your theme

Using Template Creator CK
  • Add or remove Modules positions
  • Change the colors, size, fonts of any element
  • Move the blocks where you want in the page
  • Create the installable package for any version (joomla! 2.5, joomla! 3, etc)

Read How to customize your theme

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You are a Template Creator CK user and you want to share or sell your creations ? This is the place to be !

Become a vendor and share for free or sell your own themes made with Template Creator CK. For each sale that you make you will earn 80% of the price. Themes CK takes a commission of 20% on all sales.

Sell or share your themes in only 2 steps

To submit your themes you must be registered as a vendor. This does not mean that you must sell your themes, you can also share them for free. Vendor is the generic term that is attributed to each person that share or sell a theme on this site.

Step 1 : Register as a Vendor

Step 2 : Upload a theme


Register as a Vendor

Go on the registration page for Vendor and fill all the needed informations. Once your registration is made, you will have access to your dashboard to add your products and see your sales report.


Upload a theme

You can upload your theme into your Vendor Dashboard >> Products >> Add.

This is the most important step because the more informations you give about your template, the more the customer will be attracted.

You must :

  • Create a preview image of your template
  • Upload your file that contains the installable ZIP of the template and the gabarit TCK3Z that can be imported into Template Creator CK
  • Fill all informations and the description of your product. Tell the customer what can do your template, and give any information that can help.

Creating a preview image

If you have no idea how to make a screenshot of the whole template, you can try the Firefox addon called Screengrab. It is a snapshot tool that can save the whole page in a PNG format with one click.

What to include in your ZIP package

This is very important as this website is designed to only distribute the themes that are created with Template Creator CK. The aim is that the customer can import the theme in the software to modify it and recreate the final template according to his needs.

Your package must contain :

  • the ZIP file of the installable template. You have to choose for example if you want to distribute a Joomla! 3 template, give the file that can be installed into Joomla! 3
  • the TCK3Z gabarit file exported from Template Creator CK. In the admin component, select the template and click on "export the gabarit" and you will get this file. The gabarit is very important because it allows the user to import the theme again into Template Creator CK and modifiy it.

Any product that does not include both the installable template and the gabarit can be directly removed from the website without any delay.

Preview of the theme positions

Don't forget to show the positions of your theme where the user can put the content. This is a useful information to give.

Into Template Creator CK you can simply click on the button "Print positions" that is located at the top of the screen and it will generate for your the preview of the template with the name of each position. Save this image and upload it in the custom field called "Theme positions", it will automatically be added in the new tab in the product page.


General informations

Selling your themes on Themes-CK requires strict adherence to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be the author of all the files you upload
  • You must own, or have authorization for all the rights to the elements and images represented in your files (products, people, property ...)

All theme is published under the only authorization of the administrator of Themes-CK. Your theme can be refused, removed from the site without warning nor justification.