Customize your theme

Using Template Creator CK
  • Add or remove Modules positions
  • Change the colors, size, fonts of any element
  • Move the blocks where you want in the page
  • Create the installable package for any version (joomla! 2.5, joomla! 3, etc)

Read How to customize your theme

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You can import your theme (with the gabarit included into the package) into Template Creator CK. Then you will get your theme structure, all the blocks and styles that have been defined for the theme.

Download Template Creator CK

As you may know, all themes on this website have been made with Template Creator CK which is a tool to create your templates for Joomla!. It is a software that has to be installed your website and run directly in your website administration.

Download Template Creator CK

Once Template Creator CK is installed into your website, you can import the gabarit of the theme and use it to create your own theme. You can modify the theme and save it into your website, install it, generate it for any version of Joomla! and download an installable ZIP file.

You can also create your theme and put it on Themes CK to share it or sell it with other users.

Change the styles

You can edit any block, for example the topnews block that is on top of the theme, go in the CSS edition and change the font size or font color.

Move your blocks, change the layout

You can change what you want like the modules positions. Click on the "move" cursor into the Template Creator CK interface and drag and drop your blocks where you want in the page

Add blocks into your template

Just drag and drop a new block (single module, aligned modules, horizontal menu...) into your page to add a new module to your theme. Then you can set the module position and all the styles for it (color, margins, background, title...).