Customize your theme

Using Template Creator CK
  • Add or remove Modules positions
  • Change the colors, size, fonts of any element
  • Move the blocks where you want in the page
  • Create the installable package for any version (joomla! 2.5, joomla! 3, etc)

Read How to customize your theme

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  1. Name : This field is required. You must enter a name. Browse the website to be sure that you have a unique name for your theme
  2. Categories : Select one or more categories where your theme will added. This will help people to find the correct theme
  3. Theme image : This is the main image preview of your template. It can be a .jpg or .png image. Try to not make it bigger than 300-400kb
  4. Description : Write your text to explain what you can do with your theme, if  you have a position for a slideshow, if it has special features, etc. This will help the visitor to find useful informations about your theme. You can use the prefill text and change what you need
  5. Price : Give the price you want to sell your theme. If you want to share it, just type 0 here.
  6. Compatibility : This is the information about the theme version that is delivered into your package. If you put multiple versions into your package you can select the ones you have made. Try to add some informations in the description of the template also to tell the user how to use them
  7. Responsive : Tell here to the user if your template is responsive or not
  8. Live demo : Give the url of a live demo to your template if you have it. This will help the visitor to test it and see it in action before purchase
  9. Author name : This is your name if you have created the theme
  10. Author url : A link to your website, if the user wants to see what you do or contact you
  11. Theme positions : Upload an image that can show all the positions defined into the template. This can be generated automatically from Template Creator CK with the top menu icon called "Print positions". It will create a PNG image that you can upload here
  12. Deposit Photos : If you are using sample photos from Depositphotos you can fill the page url to each photos. In this way the final user can purchase the photos on This can help you to make attractive templates with nice images.
  13. File upload : This is where you must upload the theme package. The package must contain at least the installable ZIP file that the user can upload and install into its website, and the Template Creator CK gabarit format .tck3z (which contains all files to import into Template Creator CK). If you want to share for free your theme you must upload the file, then click on its name to edit it and set "free download"