Customize your theme

Using Template Creator CK
  • Add or remove Modules positions
  • Change the colors, size, fonts of any element
  • Move the blocks where you want in the page
  • Create the installable package for any version (joomla! 2.5, joomla! 3, etc)

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Joomla! 3

This theme can be used for fashion and gifts

What you can do with this theme :

Unzip the file named "" that you can download at the bottom of this page. Inside you will find a .zip file which is the theme file to install into your website, and a .tck3z file which is the Template Creator CK gabarit.

  • Install it into Joomla! 3 and use it as it. You can edit the template options into your website to
    • Set your own logo image and its dimensions, and with alt description
    • Set your logo link
    • Add a logo description text
    • Set your Google Analytics code to track your visitors
  • Import the gabarit (.tck3z) into Template Creator CK to
    • Change any color, size or image
    • Add or remove a block anywhere in the theme
    • Move the blocks where you want
    • Rename the blocks and modules positions
    • Create the template again for Joomla! 2.5 and/or Joomla! 3

Add some CK extensions to your theme :

Replace the images with your own :

The images included in the theme are under licence from Depositphotos. The image are watermarked, this means that they are not designed to be used on a production website.

You can replace the images into the theme folder with your own (you are the only responsible for the licence of any file that you put into the theme).

You can purchase the original photos used from Depositphotos and replace them into the template : Click on the Images Sources tab to view all photos

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