Customize your theme

Using Template Creator CK
  • Add or remove Modules positions
  • Change the colors, size, fonts of any element
  • Move the blocks where you want in the page
  • Create the installable package for any version (joomla! 2.5, joomla! 3, etc)

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Joomla! 3

This theme can be used for a business or technologie purpose.


What you can do with this theme :

Unzip the file named "" that you can download at the bottom of this page. Inside you will find a .zip file which is the theme file to install into your website, and a .tck3z file which is the Template Creator CK gabarit.

  • Install it into Joomla! 3 and use it as it. You can edit the template options into your website to
    • Set your own logo image and its dimensions, and with alt description
    • Set your logo link
    • Add a logo description text
    • Set your Google Analytics code to track your visitors
  • Import the gabarit (.tck3z) into Template Creator CK to
    • Change any color, size or image
    • Add or remove a block anywhere in the theme
    • Move the blocks where you want
    • Rename the blocks and modules positions
    • Create the template again for Joomla! 2.5 and/or Joomla! 3

Add some CK extensions to your theme :


Downloads whystet_unzipfirst